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…it’s what i do. Are you a marketing or web firm looking to outsource graphic design? Do you need an experienced graphic designer for your next personal or business project? Look no further—I can help. Let me focus on your cre8tive needs. Contact me today, and let’s see what…

…i can cre8 for you.

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By cre8tivefocus

On 25, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In | By cre8tivefocus

Cre8tiveFocus Branding

In February 2012, Cre8tiveFocus (C8F) began to re-design their brand identity. I wanted to portray C8F as fun, yet serious design studio. I also wanted something that wasn’t too trendy or too stodgy, something that could easily be updated down the line by just changing colors.

In approaching the iconic portion of the logo, I knew that I wanted to play with the idea of “cre8” and take advantage of the unique spelling of the studios name. I also wanted to try and use just the initials or letterforms to create the icon. After a few tries, I realized that the best solution was using just the C and 8 in combination, which could look like a “smiley”.  I choose to incorporate a bold and unusual color palette of red and purple, with the strong, yet clean logo and logotype. The logo can easily be used in both 1 and 2 colors, a very important feature of any flexible branding solution.

In working on the supporting pieces of the rebranding, I wanted to make sure the items would be bright, cheerful and and bold, but at the same time be easy to read, clean and memorable. Playing off the “cre8” part of the studios name I incorporated a list of “skills” onto my self-promotional piece. I also wanted to include a graphically fun “designer” QR code, so people could not only easily navigate to my studios Facebook page, but see the possibilities that are available in customizing and spicing up the everyday black and white QR codes.

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